Thursday, May 25, 2017

Democracy and the right

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At the cost of sounding repetitive, I wish to stress an important point again. Democracy and the right are like oil and water. They don’t mix. The right is interested in conserving order and tradition. The left is about change. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Trump is failing

Why Trump is failing

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We’re 5 months into the Trump presidency and a decent portion of his support base has checked out. Donald Trump’s backing down on the wall issue and his bombing of Syria a month ago. Drained his support a bit. The reason civic and racial nationalists are disappointed with him is that he didn’t live up to the meme. But he could never live up to the grand populist revolutionary image that his supporters gave him. 

He’s been voicing the same concerns since the 80s and he had the resources to create the right support structure for his candidacy. He could have funded think tanks and activist organizations that would have created a healthy populist faction within the GOP and a platform.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The zombie left 

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You have zombies on both sides of the spectrum that no longer fight for what they originally would have.  We have nationalists that embrace a variant of left wing ideals. We also have leftists that embrace Marxism on a cultural level but don’t reject the economics of the bourgeois. While the authentic right tells both to just look at the flowers while holding a revolver. The only difference between the acceptable right and left is the amount of money and cum that is desired. They don’t differ on anything that has any real substance.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Just a reminder

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Monday, April 3, 2017

A concept in it’s infancy : Nationalist Distributism.


After my dissatisfaction with libertarianism and libertarians in general became a little too much to handle. I drifted over to reactionary politics where I can say that I am very satisfied with my new home. Over the past few months the beginnings of a new ideal began running around in my head. I’ve dropped hints with articles like Mutual aid and the right  and Communal self sufficiency policy . But those were just seeds being planted in the soil. Entertaining autarky and mutual aid were just the start of something. 

Distributism represents the circulation of the blood (value). Nationalism represents the flesh that protects what is underneath. Monarchy represents what mankind naturally desires. The need for a paternal authority. A family that operates like a monarchy is ordered and healthy. A family that works like a democracy is chaotic and produces spoiled offspring. 

A collective caesarism is beneficial for the populace. Viewing our people as great and wanting to remain so is logical. Populist slogans like “MAGA” are thought up by people that understand this basic truth. A united front motivated by the desire to be great is superior to the alternative. The modern aversion to collectivism is not rational . 

Distributism points out that capitalist corporations are harmful to communities. Due to the fact that they have no real tie to the community. Small business will be easily run out of the market. Taking money out of the community and into the hands of international giants. Another issue with the current system is it’s ability to subvert cultural norms . Here’s a link to a decent book on distributism . 

The state should intervene in order to ensure that employment is stable and people are being fed. I suggested one way to do this in “communal self sufficiency policy”. By having a partially state owned agriculture organization. You could reduce unemployment while feeding people that cannot afford food. Homeless veterans for example. 

Outsourcing and Mass immigration’s negative impact on labor. Lowering wages and losing jobs to immigrants and people in other nations. Can have a negative affect on the native population. Eventually extreme solutions will be search for once the scenario deems it necessary. 

Nationalism , distributism , and monarchism were made for each other. Nationalism wants to preserve the nation. Distributism wants to bring morality into the marketplace. Monarchism wants to guide the populace. They all intersect because of their belief in putting your group first and making sure that your group stays in a positive state. 

Socialists and classical liberals see mankind for what they think it can be. But they never acknowledge it for what it truly is. A hierarchal group oriented species that is not inherently good. The socialist thinker assumes that because all human beings are good. That means that they will share the wealth and work to stomp out inequality. But as long as beauty and intelligence exist. You will never get rid of it completely. The classical liberal thinker assumes that humans are inherently good as well. But he believes it in the hopes that man can handle it. Except not every human can handle running their own lives let alone true freedom. You’ll find people that prioritize sex and partying all over. They lack meaning in their life , So they seek pleasure.  Reactionary ideologies acknowledge the true state of man. 

Something that just as important to society as any thing else is the  environment . It’s important for a society to preserve it’s land while taking full advantage of the resources. Humanity should absolutely reach for the stars and achieve technological heights that were previously impossible. But we should exercise caution so that the world doesn’t end up a useless husk. 

It was suggested that I post the quote from this link. “Although the corporate idea was intimated in the congregationalism of colonial Puritan New England and in mercantilism, its earliest theoretical expression did not appear until after the French Revolution (1789) and was strongest in eastern Germany and Austria. The chief spokesman for this corporatism—or “distributism,” as it was later called in Germany—was Adam Müller, the court philosopher for Prince Klemens Metternich. Müller’s attacks on French egalitarianism and on the laissez-faire economics of the Scottish political economist Adam Smith were vigorous attempts to find a modern justification for traditional institutions and led him to conceive of a modernized Ständestaat (“class state”), which might claim sovereignty and divine right because it would be organized to regulate production and coordinate class interests. Although roughly equivalent to the feudal classes, its Stände (“estates”) were to operate as guilds, or corporations, each controlling a specific function of social life. Müller’s theories were buried with Metternich, but after the end of the 19th century they gained in popularity.”

The environmentalism of the right wing


Environmentalism is typically associated with the left by most people. The “green on the outside but red on the inside” comment comes from that. But environmentalism is also important to the fringe right while mainstream rightists usually libertarians and neo conservatives tend to promote the mentality mentioned above. Environmentalism is something I should have brought up in amoral market but since I did not. I’ll dedicate some time to it here. 

Humans are stewards of the earth and it is our duty to take care of the planet. Other than age, The difference between an adult and a child is a sense of duty. Adulthood is wholly dependent on whether or not you try to fulfill your duties. Ignoring your duties to your family and community completely is a juvenile behavior . 

While private property is an important factor to a healthy society. There are spillover effects that happen when someone misuses and don’t properly maintain a resource. Farmer Joe and farmer Bob both rely on the same river for their crops and their cattle. Farmer Joe is only concerned with his bottom line. So he does not do his duty to make that the river remains clean. His actions lead to the river being contaminated. Farmer Bob now has the right to take legal action against Joe. 

As a person on the right side of politics,Conserving the world that we share while still making good use of the resources. This should be an issue for the entire right wing and not just the more traditional and nationalistic types. Environmentalism for a conservative should be more than the conserving the great outdoors. It should be about conserving communities and leaving something behind for your children as well. Sure, We might be colonizing planets one day and that would give us a way out. But you should always treat your birthplace with the utmost respect. 

The final thing I want to talk about is the idea that nationalism is bad , exclusionary,and poisonous to the freedom of workers. I’m addressing the left with this part. It actually isn’t anti worker. The reason you are against it is that it goes against the whole “workers of the world unite” attitude on the left. Outsourcing and mass immigration is harmful to the worker. A larger labor supply does affect a worker’s wage. It’s not just the fact that you are losing jobs to immigrants and people in foreign nations. You are actively making workers poorer with your internationalist ideals. Mass immigration is beneficial to the employer but it is harmful for the worker. Here is an essay by a Harvard professor that points out exactly what I am saying. At the end He also states that immigration is harmful for workers and beneficial for corporations. So all of you anti capitalists are actually corporate shills. Good job! You’ve been played. There is legitimate anti capitalism and then there is “anti capitalism”.