Friday, November 17, 2017

Reminder number #2 and so on

Hello again, This is just another reminder of where my blog posts migrated to. The post are on wordpress . The positive reaction to Trump from the people of East Asia was quite interesting, The American media hated it. I imagine the Democrats will be expanding the "White privilege" talk to include them as well.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

All politics is identity politics part 1 & 2

in-group identification and superiority signalling when dealing with the out-group. This is what politics is at it’s very core. There has been plenty of talk about the fearsome golem of identity that sits on the Faustian hills. But the thing that is perhaps hardest to swallow for the more civic minded among us is that they play the game as well.

Every man has a tribe. This is not a choice that you are given. You cannot exist without one. Like many others, I foolishly believed otherwise when I was a libertarian. I think I am an atom therefore I am an atom. But whether you group up based on racial, and religious lines or ideological lines is unimportant. Those that don’t usually become a hedonistic super nova before they do a toxicology report on your lifeless corpse.

If the atomist is lucky he might find others like him. Because in the end, There is only one way to keep that lifestyle going. The formation of a group. Are you starting to get it yet? You as an individual cannot escape the collective! Now we move onto the issue of multiracial democracy. I’m not saying that multiracialism is impossible. I’m merely stating that you should consider why it works in Russia and empires but not here. I personally believe that racially homogeneous society would be healthier for all peoples.

Democracies especially those with a multiracial population have a horrible tendency to devolve into factionalism of the most problematic kind. The people forming organizational structures tend to go with the system that will provide the best results. Democracy should be seen as inefficient and flawed due to the fact that it relies heavily on the following things. Numerical superiority, in-group versus out-group, and low info populations that will head to the polls.

The reason Russia and the empires of yesteryear have a better time managing a multiracial society is that they have a strong authoritarian approach. There are three viewpoints that come naturally to human beings. Monarchism, nationalism, and social conservatism.  In a social sense, Humans haven’t changed too much in the last 2000 or so years. The progressive values that we have now have to be taught. But they can easily be unlearned with out some kind of reinforcement. But has any modern left wing academic ever question the logic behind forcing alien virtues onto a population? Most likely but like most academics these days, Ideas are life. So you’ll just have to find a way to make them work. If reality does not conform to your idealized view of humanity.

The anti-social justice and civic nationalist community is an odd bunch of folks. They scoff at anyone that has an identitarian worldview whether it’s a rightist or a leftist. But those of us that have embraced an positive view of identity politics have tapped into to something more primal and natural. Though I will agree that the left wing approach to identity politics is very warped. The future belongs to those that embrace group identities.

Democracy is a system that divides viewpoints and the weaker ones get eaten. The reason that the alt lite, aka civic nationalists, can never be true opposition to the liberal order is that they are not radically opposed to it. Within 2-5 years, I believe that the alt lite will cease to  exist. The modern conservative movement is used as a buffer state. Absorb and control any real opposition. The radical left only prospers because the left already controls the system. The little niche movement that I mentioned above only differs with the conservative movement on minor issues. Which is why you can be a civic nationalist or a libertarian and have a talk show on TV. The trumpian nationalists are only really different on immigration. They rightly oppose imported cheaper foreign labor and refugees. But this is not enough of a difference. In order for a movement to oppose the order it must embrace the following things. Social conservatism, and an authoritative approach to governance as well as economics. Democracy and group identity are inseparable.

You cannot oppose identity politics in a democratic society. Democracy encourages in-group bias. You advocate for your own because that’s logical. There are already legitimate signs of the alt lite being absorbed by the wider conservative movement. The Heller vote Yes hashtag trend was funded by a supposedly America first lobby. They’re capitalizing on a political trend in order to push for another failed attempt at getting rid of ACA. What plagues the alt lite is that it isn’t radically different and it’s talking heads are marketing junkies. It’s essentially downloadable content for the base game. One of these talking heads posted a picture of a book by Alexander Dugin. Whether or not he embraced it and promotes it is unknown to me. I have not kept up with him in all honesty. It was likely just a means to shock. I don’t know how much Eurasianism would appeal to Cernovich’s audience. The alt lite may have branding but they lack substance. The alt right and Nrx have substance but the branding is not quite there. Much like Occupy and the Guy Fawkes mask. The alt lite has it’s flag. Resistance wrapped in a nice little bow by a salesman. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rethinking Euroscepticism and brexit

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Against the Jacobin

Originally posted on the 6th of June on my wordpress .

Democracy is a system in which a non noble class manufactures legitimacy through a popularity contest. This system allows the bourgeois to avoid the risky game of power in a monarchist society. Monarchy is a system that is natural to mankind. It’s also a fairer system in that inherited executive power is more restraining. Too much war leads to revolts. Too much taxation leads to revolts. Monarchism is authoritarian and humane.

So how should we view the Jacobins​, As liberators or enslavers? The Jacobin desires equality and prefers democracy. Democracy divides a population into factions and allows the elite to manipulate the masses with less risk. What happened in France was a power play not the revolutionary act of a dissident mass. Equality or radical universalism goes against nature. There are innate differences between groups that set them apart just like there are innate differences between individuals. There will always be high achievers and there will always be low achievers. There is a hierarchy in all things.

Interestingly enough the best example of a multiracial society that the world has to offer is Russia. Russia’s centuries of imperialism and authoritarianism have benefited them in this way. But this nation will never be championed as a shining example of multiracialism. Because the left and the civic right are aware of the fact that this cannot be replicated, The ingredients that make it possible to do such a thing go against what they desire.  Authoritarianism and imperialism are against the modern political status quo. Though in some ways people that lived under European colonial rule actually benefited from it.

Also with the current chaos with the migrant crisis it is not the best time for imperial adventures. European and Western nations should take a non interventionist position for a couple decades. That time should be used to develop new technology and fix the birth rate issue with pro natalist policies.

Are there modern examples for an ideal Western society? Yes of course there are. The best examples would be Poland, Hungary, Monaco, and Luxembourg. The monarchs of Luxembourg and Monaco enjoy a reasonable amount of power. They’re not just tourist attractions. Poland and Hungary are two strong examples of a nationalist society. These two nations have not forsaken their identities and they put their people first. Which has made them arguably the two safest places in Europe to raise a family.

For those that have the misfortune of living in a nation that values virtue signaling and ungrateful migrants over the safety of their own native population. I’d suggest that you form a nation within​ a nation. Act like a immigrant diaspora. I wrote an article on how I think this can be done successfully. Since the French revolution, We have had two world wars and millions of deaths from the red menace. The destruction of the secular ba’athist regimes have plunged the Middle East into chaos. All in the name of democracy and oil.

Democracy and capitalism have outlived their usefulness. The combination of capitalist amorality and democratic factionalism is a civilization killer. Europe is currently learning this the hard way. Monarchy and a more nation friendly economic system is more desirable.

Village fascism

Originally posted on the 11th of May on my wordpress

In Western nations, nationalist causes have been undermined because of how the electoral system works. The strategy of more traditionalist style movements has to be cultural. But local elections and networking can be used to deal with the dominate power structure. Creating a nation within a nation will go a long way in weakening the liberal order that is negatively affecting host populations.

This could be applied in historically red areas in blue states or nations like France. A traditionalist movement should have multiple people run for office in local municipalities. While it is true that on a medium to large scale the democratic system is useless for fringe causes. Due to democracy’s tendency to create factionalism and take advantage of the less informed. But a system based on popular will can still be taken advantage of on a local level. 

The age of the populist started with Farage , Trump , and Le pen. Some will tell you that the rise of these figures had nothing to do with identity  but that is a lie. Organizations like Action Francaise , Generation Identity, and so on could easily take advantage of local elections. Especially in areas where people like Marine Le Pen did well. These organizations should also form mutual aid societies ,and attend school meetings.

Towns and villages run by reactionary organizations should have a community garden that is large enough to support the local population. The elderly, disabled ,and families starting out would get the food at a discount.  Reducing a communities dependency on grocery stores would be beneficial 

Anarchist theorist Keith Preston criticized left wing localists for being authoritarian under the guise of “community first”. But that is because everyone is a fascist when it comes to their hometown. Humans do have a natural in-group bias that is why collective friendly views tend to come more naturally to people. Humans understand instinctively that they are apart of a group. Which is why the 60s revolution was so beneficial for the cultural left and the amoral businessman. The concept of free love successfully created division between the two genders and increased single motherhood.

Once people are atomized. You can convince them of things that they normally wouldn’t accept as a unified group. Putting another nation before your own would be viewed as asinine in a society that still view itself as a group. The idea of a company outsourcing jobs would be most likely receive more criticism than it does now.

On some level, The people are waking up to the fact that the root of governance is paternal authority. The last 3 presidents have all served two terms and if this trend continues Trump will be the 4th to do so. This indicates to me that the American population is losing interest in electoral politics. There is a subconscious desire for a monarch or dictator that isn’t being addressed by most. Movements like the alt right, and nrx popping up are a manifestation of this desire. The outrage over Trump’s victory is another strong indicator that the democratic system is running out of steam. Demanding multiple recounts, scapegoating Russia, and promoting the idea of abolishing the electoral college. So that the big city cartel could dominate national affairs much in the same way that New York city controls the rest of the state. Rendering an Upstater’s vote meaningless. 

So reactionary and populist groups need to completely ignore state and national politics as a means of change. Becoming a local political elite and a contributor to a larger alternative culture for your fellow Americans or Frenchmen to migrate to is preferable. As the culture of the status quo continues to become more decadent. “Sex Junk” skits will only become more common.

A Sunday school program should teach the youth about philosophy and great historical figures as well as religion. King Leonidas, Joan of Arc, Charles Martel ,and Augustus Caesar are good examples. A group that knows the significance of their people’s history will have the capacity to resist. Shaming from media as well as academia will not be as potent.

Getting rid of cable and relying solely on an internet connection is another good idea. There is a wider variety of choice for media and you have a better likelihood of getting more for your money this way. Playing a video game or reading a book is a better use of one’s time anyway. Video games have better storytelling than most TV shows in the first place.

Encouraging family formation is an obvious thing. The whole “community first” thing falls apart without it. Your great community just like the nation you live in relies on it. When it comes to candidates running for state or national positions. There is one question that should be asked that has nothing to do with their platform. As a candidate without a family what makes you qualified to overseer a community made up of them? Someone that is going to be a governor of a state or a leader of a nation should be expected to have a family of his own. A family man is going to look at policy making a little differently than a childless person. 

This network of reactionary villages should be advancing the goal of founding a monarchy of some sort. Whether it’s one of absolute power or limited power depends on the people and what their needs are. Democratic systems have become a problem for Western populations. You don’t stop a building from burning by adding more gasoline.

When you’re dealing with the Macrons and Merkels of the world. The best thing to do is to create reactionary communities and dominate the space. Making towns and city neighborhoods uncomfortable for cosmopolitan types will eventually lead to cultural change on a larger scale.

The state and corporations will respond to this strategic move with one of their own. They’ll threaten to strip towns of funding and corporations will try to win you back. But the product will have a more subtle version of “Sex Junk” this time. But this is fine and in a way it is good for a reactionary enclave to be oppressed in this way.  It can be used to generate sympathy from foreign press and curious citizens. Getting the cathedral to react like this would only show their weakness.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

reactionary mutual aid and the lost left wing

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Since I’m bored and a little sleep deprived. Let’s look at an anarchist theory and talk about the rather amusing state that the left currently finds itself in shall we? I’ve been thinking about the value of this theory would have to a right wing movement for awhile now. I’ve even brought it up occasionally. I prefer distributism and the American school of economics for an actual society. But there is something interesting about it that deserves mentioning.

In the movement stage, Kropotkin’s theory of mutual aid may have some benefits. The revolutionary and counter-revolutionary right do have hurdles to deal with that the revolutionary left does not. As we all know being a devout follower of the gospels of Marx will not affect your career nor will it damage your social standing. Unless you live in former communist countries that is.

Being a traditionalist or a nationalist can lead to social ostracism. If you suggest that borders are important online or in person. Your open minded progressive friend may unfriend you. The funny thing about Kropotkin’s theory is that it would be applied more successfully by the traditionalist right. Because of the traditional norms and in-group loyalties that come so naturally to the human mind.  

The anarchist left believes in the secular religion of radical universalism. Which falsely believes that all groups are the same and humans are capable of being altruistic toward everyone. But with the existence of love comes sacrifice. Which gives birth to hatred or in-group bias at the very least. If you love everyone, You really end up loving no one. Love is exclusive not inclusive. Humans will naturally point their own first. Which is why you’ll see social media posts from people saying ” Why do you only care when it’s group x and not group y?”. 

Reactionaries could form communities in places like New Hampshire and the Pacific Northwest. Doing communal gardening, financially supporting the businesses of other reactionaries, and homeschooling kids would be an affective means of undercutting the liberal order a bit. With a debt that’s getting closer to twenty trillion and the current political chaos in the capital of the empire. It’s important that we start forming nations within the nation. So that there is something to fall on. If the bubble finally bursts.What the reactionary and nationalist community is doing already is great. But this is another thing that should be done. 

The problem with the anarchist left other than the very obvious things is that they want a collective and embrace socially atomizing ideals at the same time. Free love or hookup culture weakens gender relations and increases single motherhood. Meaningless sex and getting rid of the expectation that a man must be there for his family is not beneficial. If the trust between the two genders is low. Your community will not survive.

But a society of tradition will survive because this idea of putting your community first is common sense. Kropotkin didn’t really discover anything new. He only rediscovered and repurposed something that was blatantly obvious in the past. The best examples of the kin altruistic societies that he desires are traditionalist societies.  

Your modern anarchist will not be able to make the anarchist dream a reality. They’re too preoccupied with vice and making sure the correct gender pronoun is used. The left that was a legitimate opponent for the right died a long time ago. If neo-liberalism didn’t have the financial backing that it currently enjoys. You’d be hearing church bells every sunday and your local news anchor would be telling you what the royal family is up to this week.

The true revolutionaries in the post 60s world are on the right side of the spectrum. Libertarianism, anarchism, social democracy, and communism are not threats to the current order. Anyone that tells you otherwise is spoon feeding you lies. Traditionalism and nationalism are the only two legitimately threatening viewpoints left. Just look how the media react to Le pen, Farage, and Trump. They’re only civic nationalists and yet the media was absolutely terrified. The nationalism of Trump is debatable after the election. But the point is they acted as if he was going to undo everything the left had done from the 60s to 2016.  

The fact that Mr.Kropotkin’s theory has reactionary merit should not shock anyone. He did come from an aristocratic land owning family after all. I guess the traditional values that he grew up around never truly disappeared. 

A local co-operative that sells goods and the workers split the profit is pretty in-group oriented. Instead of worrying about a corporate big whig outsourcing your work to a foreign land or importing migrants that will do your job for half the price. You split the profit amongst yourselves. Which puts the funds back into the community. Though I think a network of small business owners would be a better means of achieving the same thing. It’s great that you’re attempting to be tribal in your own special way.  

The mainstream right and left are essentially the same in the sense that they both support globalism and social progress. The only difference between the two is that one wants gradual change while the other wants rapid acceleration. The interesting thing is that the modern anarchist has actually bought into the mainstream narrative. So that means any fringe aspect of them is mere window dressing. Their opposition to immigration restrictions is actually beneficial to the corporate fat cats that they claim to despise. At this point the political takeover by reactionaries like myself is basically set in stone. The media has lost it’s touch and the offspring of left wing academia are revolting against them.  

The current political strife is a result of the rejection of identity in the past. That is why it has returned in a very big way on both sides of the spectrum. Pandora’s box has been opened and it’s too late to put the lid back on. Sorry classical liberals, It’s time to pick a team. The days of comfy debates with creationists are over.