Monday, March 13, 2017

Observations #1 Libertarians

This irregular series of posts will be used for thoughts that I think should be shared . Even if I don’t feel like dedicating a normal length post to them. If you want to see some of my other posts. I’d recommend “Dear Conservatives” and”How an effective left wing state is run“.

I’ve had conversations with these people dating back to when I was one of them. They genuinely have this idea that outside reinforcement like a state telling you not to do something forces you to do the bad thing. When it’s really something to do with impulse control and consequences. A child doesn’t behave on it’s own and most adults don’t either. Truth is that most people have shitty impulse control. Which is why certain things were frowned upon for the longest time.

It also seems like people that are committed libertarians also have an ahistorical issue. Because they don’t really have anything in the past to really show that this is possible and they don’t seem to care. They’ll point to classical liberal society but there is a difference between what they want and what libertarians want. They try to use ancient Ireland as an example but that system was more of tribal communalism than a libertarian society.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How an effective left wing state is run

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 I was in a discord chat earlier today with some friends of mine. We were talking about philosophy as usual. The topic of the day of was communism. One of them asked “Will that inspire a revolution of the working class or the perpetual rule of high finance?”. My response was “Rule by high finance while pandering to the revolutionary consciousness within the urban working class.” In many ways the United States is a better template to build off of than the USSR was. Yet many leftists still cling to that bygone era.

Here’s the thing, It’s already being done and it’s very effective. How do you run an effective left wing state? It’s very simple really. Other than taking over a nation’s media and academia. You must create a fake enemy and pander to the revolutionary spirit of the urban worker. The bottom of the article linked covers what I am referring to when it comes to enemies. When you want to pander to the rebellious spirit of urban workers and students. You send a guy like Bernie Sanders out to rile up the kids. A democratic socialist that has multiple houses yet talks as if he’s a working class guy that’s fed up. My generation really fell for that hook, line, and sinker.

The next step in this plan to create an effective left wing state is to destroy the traditional culture and replace it with a shopping mall. Where any corporation will sell you a culture for just 19.99. Once the nation is a culture of subculture. You can divide and rule. The academia and media must also produce anti family content for the buyer to enjoy. Keep them focused on work and fun without having a family. If the livestock suddenly stops replacing itself there is no need to worry. Just loosen immigration laws and keep the socially leftist money train rolling. In the end, We’re all dead am I right?

The lesson of the 20th century is that explicit fast release leftism is unworkable while implicit slow release leftism works just fine. So what does this mean for concerned right wingers that wish to undo the rot of the 20th century? It means that it may be time to embrace an older form of rightism. I have an open letter that you should consider reading.

The superior leftist model of the United States just hit it’s first road bump. Whether or not it’s enough to take it off the road is uncertain. But what is certain is that if i was a leftist billionaire this would be the model for me to go with. It’s silly to even bother with the USSR approach. The party eats well and so does it’s subjects. Why risk revolts over famines? When I could just sit near the window and laugh as they fight for 15?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Democracy and Populism are a married couple

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Since 2016 , You’ve seen the rise of populism and people denouncing it. But here’s the fundamental issue with that. Democracy by it’s very definition is a populist system. Appeals to the population exist in direct and representative democracy. To some extent it exists in all systems.

But when a person desires a position of power in a non monarchical society. You are making an appeal to the populace. Hope , MAGA, and so on are appeals to the population. When you promise to give people free college. Guess what? You just appealed to the populace.

Since democracy is a system based on the will of the people. Any pimp can be king and any prostitute can be queen. It’s a system where popularity counts more than anything. What gets you there? Populist tactics of course. But hey it’s fine to use populism as long as it isn’t anything more than tactics, right? You wouldn’t want to actually follow through with any of those promises you made. That would be silly!

The reality of democracy is that the ideologies most suited for it have populism as a major tenet. Communism, Socialism, and so on are perfectly suited for it. Which is why I suggested an alternative path for conservatives in Dear Conservatives .

“Representative democracy is a limited civil war in which the armies show up, get counted, but don’t actually fight.” -moldbug

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dear Conservatives

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Conservatives before I start this off , I’d like to congratulate you on temporarily taking control of the government. It was a hard fought campaign and I am sure some of you didn’t really want to support the current president. But you understood that the other option was far worse than Trump. I hope he successfully delivers on immigration and rebuilding this fine nation of ours.

The first thing I’d like to bring up is the “the government should fear it’s people” worldview that many patriots have. It’s a sensible view to have of course. After all who wants to live under an  unjust government? Probably a very masochistic individual. The embrace of a populist and nationalist candidate and a rejection of globalism in favor of nationhood was the right thing. The right has ceded a lot of ground to their opponents. Relearning that it is important to conserve the nation was the first step. You’re on the right path. But while you were sleeping for decades , The left has successfully torn down every norm that was important to conservatives at one point. Not only that but the “conservatives” that claim to represent you have put your sons and daughters in a scenario that not only costed them their lives but also destabilized the middle east.

Which lead to the migrant crisis that is currently harming Europe and will eventually come here. If you’re not careful. The government does not fear you because the people that run it do not have permanent ownership of it. Politicians only rent power while a monarch owns it. A monarch owns the land and he must take care of it because it will belong to his heir one day. He must be very careful not to ruin his family’s reputation because the nobles and common folk may rise up to depose him. We all know that removing kings is a nasty business. A good or decent monarch will do everything he can to avoid this.

Now I do understand that an authoritarian system like monarchy is something that isn’t very American. But it could lead to a more conservative and traditional society. Luxembourg and Monaco are two constitutional monarchies where the monarch has a reasonable amount of power. Monaco does very well for itself economically. Luxembourg is  ranked 15th in press freedom and ranked 14th in economic freedom . It’s freer than the United States is in those categories. But the common argument is that monarchs are tyrants and that’s why we should not have them. Yet under monarchy , these people are free. Other than having an actual monarch ruling Monaco. They have a conservative majority in their national council.

Conservatism in America has failed to do it’s job and the rise of Trump should have been a reality check. But we still see members of the republican party touting the same old line but with a few new additions to it. The conservative movement has failed to successfully conserve a lot of things. The last stand of conservatism before Trump was anti abortion and guns. Now the American right has gain the courage to be anti immigration. Your movement has failed to defend Christianity and traditional marriage. Conservatives were run out of the media and academia by the left. Now the minds of the people are at the mercy of your enemies. You lost to right wing populism and leftism because you lack pragmatism when it comes to the game of politics. Refusing to play the game in favor of principle is why you lost.

If you want your conservative America back you will have to do a few things. It is important that you be very strict on who gets let into the country. If group X reliably votes one way and group Y reliably votes the other way. Your opponents do enact policies that bring group Y here. So that they can take power from you. Austria had an election last year that you should learn from. Rural/Worker vs Urban/Degree holder voting in this post, I show you which groups vote for what. You can also see this in who voted for Trump and Clinton. You will have to infiltrate the cathedral and drown out left wing voices. The cathedral is religion, media , and academia. Crown a monarch and establish a state religion. Of course, this is another thing that goes against the American way. But recognizing Christianity instead of a single sect will probably take care of the issue.

Allowing the church to grow a little stronger will reduce the need for welfare. Because the church will return to it’s role of helping the sick and poor. Instead of just being a social gathering that may do charity once in awhile. When it comes to healthy norms and capitalism it may be time for some rethinking. I’d suggest looking at my article The amoral market.

For further research on your part I do have some suggestions on where to look.  The counter revolution is a good monarchist blog ran by some friends of mine. Weimerica weekly at social matter is a good cultural podcast for you to check out. The Distributist Review  is a good catholic distributism website. The mad monarchist is a good monarchist history blog that is worth a look. Anti-Puritan isn’t exactly within this sphere of politics but it’s still worth a read. I hope you enjoyed this very long post. Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The pre-analysis of folk anarchism

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I purchased “tomorrow we live” by Oswald Mosley and “the failure of anarchism” by Keith Preston recently. I’m currently reading through Mosley’s book and Preston’s book is currently sitting next to my desktop. At some point I will come back to this subject after I have finished Preston’s book. A friend recommended it to me more than once. So it’s only fitting that I read it and then make a post about it on here.

But I wanted to talked about the concept of folk anarchism now since it’s been running through my head for a bit. Folk anarchism aka national anarchism is a anti authoritarian nationalist ideology that rejects the state. But embraces the folk and tradition.

They espouse a style of anti racism similar to the French new right. Folk anarchists do not wish to use the state to meet their goals like nationalists do. They want to create society where people keep the nation alive through embracing it’s culture. They want self governing communities.

But I personally do not see collective caesarism being enough for a community in the long term. I addressed my concerns in  The need for hierarchy among humans . Except that piece mostly deals with anarchist communism. In group and out group bias develops within a homogeneous group as well.

I can respect a desire to return to a more decentralized traditional society but with my current understanding of the philosophy. I don’t see it working. I intend to do a second post about this after reading Keith preston’s book.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Aversion to collectivism is not rational

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I will admit that the title is clickbait but don’t close out just yet. I’m sure you have a busy day of raging against the man for banning weed and taxing you. But as a former libertarian, I would please take sometime to read this stream of thought that is currently sitting on your browser at this very moment. I’ve seen this in other political views as well. But I’ll just pick on libertarians for now.

When I was a libertarian the “you didn’t build that” mentality was something that I heard constantly. “Why are you taking pride in something you did not do?” said the libertarian. But I hope even the most atomistic among you wouldn’t signal against being proud of the accomplishments of your offspring. We all know the famous Doug Stanhope quote “Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.”

But here’s the issue with Mr.Stanhope’s opinion about taking pride in your nation. It can be applied to anything. Like your friends , family , favorite sports team , hometown , and so on. The nation is an extension of the community which is an extension of the family. Humans are very communal like other primates. The argument against taking pride in your people’s accomplishment assumes that every opinion must be a rational one.

Love for your significant other is not rational. Love is a reaction that helps to beings commit to each other. Humans only gave this interesting neurological reaction a name. But from the point of the libertarians I used to be around. Shouldn’t love be signaled against as well? I mean it clearly isn’t rational but we can rationalize our love for something.

So what is it about groups that is so bad? Is it the potential for social ostracism for unacceptable behavior? Is it the group loyalty? It seems to me that the people that are so individualistic that caring about your group is wrong are suffering from what I like to call “perpetual outcast syndrome”.

Libertarians believe that the ideal society is one where the market provides and the government does not exist. I have addressed this in The amoral market and The need for hierarchy among humans . So I will go into too much deal about that here. But collectivism is actually more natural to humans than what libertarians desire. Humans have a loyalty to their families and their communities. If they have a healthy mindset.

So you’re probably asking me what the best system of organization is in my personal opinion? Well, if I want to troll I’d say a return to tribalism. But a more modern and efficient version of that system exists. The system that I am talking about is monarchism.

Yes, you read that correctly. Humans tend to deify the most influential among them. Celebrities, E-celebrities , Politicians , Religious leaders , and so on. Humans also tend to be loyal to a community. So if you want to unify a nation what do you do? Triggering the familial instinct and having a healthy religious environment to promote family values will do the trick.

Humans are naturally loyal to their parents. A king and queen are the country’s parents in a way. So humans will develop a sense of loyalty to a just monarch.The country belongs to the royal family which means they will look after a lot better than a elected official. One administration will leave a mess for the next one. A king will do his best to leave it in a good state for the heir. Of course, I’m not claiming that there are bad monarchs. But if you own a game controller. Are you going to let it get covered with cheeto dust and other junk?

Religion is more important to the stability of a community than atheists and anti-theists give it credit for. Religious people are happier and breed more . Will a community of sad people that have very few children be viable for long? No it will not and this is something that politicians and businessmen are keenly aware of. So since you were to busy to reproduce . The government will have to lower restriction on immigration in order to keep the nation viable. Businessmen will make the area attractive for financial reasons. But whatever was unique about that nation will eventually be replaced by a materialistic culture that will eventually be replaced by the culture of a new group.

Religion is a wonderful piece of social technology and civilization needs it. So that it can remain viable. When i say collectivism what I am really referring to is communities and traditionalism. The collectivism of Mao and Stalin is abhorrent. In-group loyalty is natural and therefore it is necessary. It’s time for humans to accept what is natural. So that we may conquer the stars one day. A healthy traditional galactic humanity leaving it’s mark on everything it can grasp.